Changes for June 2013

The list of the key changes for the June 2013 major release of the ome-xml data model. This schema release will tie in with the Bio-Formats 5.0 release.

The new major release of the schema has a new namespace and all version numbers are reset to 1. As a major release, any file that validated correctly using the last major release will probably not validate correctly using this new release. Some files that failed to validate before will now be valid. It is important to update any file readers and writers to understand the changes.

The version number of all schema files is now 1.

This schema uses the new namespace:[NameSpaceTitle]/2013-06/

For the OME schema

and the schema file is located at

Overview of changes

  • This release is in step with the release of Bio-Formats 5.0 and OMERO 5.0 (FS).


  • There are no significant changes to this component.


  • Copyright information is stored in RightsHolder and RightsHeld.

  • SignificantBits, Interleaved, and BigEndian attributes have been added to Pixels.

  • NominalMagnification has been altered to allow non-integer values, e.g. 0.5.

  • A new type has been added to``Filter`` called Tuneable.

  • Zoom and Integration have been added to DetectorSettings.


OMERO.xsd is not included in this release.


There are no significant changes to this component.


A new optional Annotator attribute has been added to the Annotation complex type. This makes it available to all other annotation types. This attribute is of type ExperimenterID and can be used to record who created an annotation. It has not been added to the OMERO database as this information is already available through the permissions system.


There are no significant changes to this component.

Upgrading and Downgrading

The XSLT transforms between June 2012 and June 2013 versions are available here: