Changes for June 2016 release 2

List of the key changes made for the minor release updating the June 2016 ome-xml data model. These changes were introduced with the release of Bio-Formats 5.2.3 in October 2016.

The new minor release of the schema has the same namespace (2016-06) and a new version number. As a minor release, any file that validated correctly using the last major release will also validate correctly using this new release. Some files that failed to validate before will now be valid. It is important to update any file readers to understand the changes.

  • The version number of the ome.xsd schema is now 2.

Overview of changes


Added the following as valid values for AcquisitionMode:

  • BrightField

  • SweptFieldConfocal

  • SPIM

Also added parsing for Laser Scan Confocal and Swept Field Confocal.